Обновление SourceMod 1.6.1 + SMetamod:Source 1.10.2
Список изменений
Клиентские изменения:

  • Updated game support for CS:GO and Fistful of Frags.
  • Added support for Romanian language.
  • Re-added languages.cfg, missing from 1.6.0, causing all clients to use server language.
  • Fixed a regression in version 1.6.0 that caused certain SDKHooks usage patterns to cause a server crash (PR 107).
  • Improved error reporting in basebans plugin when banreasons.txt is missing (PR 115).
  • Fixed incorrect logged gravity value for sm_gravity command (Ryan "VoiDeD" Stecker) (PR 116).
  • Fixed a regression in version 1.6.0 causing SDKHook_ReloadPost hooks to not fire in plugins (Peace-Maker) (PR 96).
  • Added workaround for game bug in TF2_RemoveWeaponSlot to avoid wearable entities left on map (Ryan "VoiDeD" Stecker) (bug 6206, PR 121).
  • Removed DisableJIT option from core.cfg. (It was never meant for normal use.)

Изменения для скриптеров:

  • Added new TF2_RemoveWearable native (Ryan "VoiDeD" Stecker, WildCard65) (PR 114).
  • Added new functions for interacting with and playing scripted game sounds (Ross "Powerlord" Bemrose) (bug 5942, PR 65).
  • Added new StringToKeyValues natives (Ryan "VoiDeD" Stecker) (PR 74).
Metamod: It fixes a regression from 1.10.1 causing engine detection on Alien Swarm to fail, as well as improving detection for some games when the '-game' command line parameter is not present (such as when using the SRCDS GUI).
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