Релиз SourceMod 1.7.2 и Metamod:Source 1.10.5
SourceMod 1.7.2 and Metamod:Source 1.10.5 have now been released.

As usual for our minor releases, they primarily contain updates to game compatibility and bug fixes. 

MM:S 1.10.5 adds support for Black Mesa (SM 1.8.0-dev or later still required), updates CS:GO support, and fixes an issue with game detection in Nuclear Dawn.

The entire SM 1.7.2 changelog is below:

  • Updated game compatibility for the latest CS:GO updates.
  • Fixed potential crash when using SDKTools GameRules_* natives.
  • Fixed regression in v1.7.0 causing admin-sql-threaded plugin to not properly load admins.
  • Fixed leak in plugin heap memory that could lead to "Not enough space on the heap" error.

See the release notes for the full SourceMod changelog.

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